About us

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A Little bit about us …


We’d love for you to come and get to know us personally but meanwhile here’s a flavour…

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[li-row]We are a church of approximately 100 people from all kinds of backgrounds. God has called us to be ‘together, together’ as a family. Every family has it’s traditions and preferred tastes and we’re no different:[/li-row]

[li-row]Our focus is always to connect with God (we believe this happens through the Holy Spirit)[/li-row]

[li-row]We are passionate about sung worship and like to keep it fresh.[/li-row]

[li-row]We’re uncompromising on the bible and hearing what God says about himself and understanding how Jesus wants us to live.[/li-row]

[li-row]We prize prayer at the centre of our personal relationship with Jesus.[/li-row]

[li-row]We are totally committed to expressing God’s grace (one of the reasons we have communion every week).[/li-row]

[li-row]We love food and laughter together.[/li-row]

[li-row]We invest in relationships and encourage strong friendships to form through Life Groups (a midweek gathering in a home of a dozen people committed to doing life together biblically).[/li-row]

[li-row]We’re determined for our love of Jesus to be infectious so that the community is won over.[/li-row]



Sundays at 10.30am
Victoria Hall

Prayer meeting  Mondays  7pm
Victoria Hall


We are meet at
Victoria Hall
BD13 1AB

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Queensbury Life Church exists to Love Jesus, Love His Church and Love Our Community.

God has given us a great commandment and commission. We’re convinced this is how God wants us to spend our lives, energy and money to glorify Him.

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To disciple people from Queensbury to follow Jesus, to the glory of God. By God’s grace the church will double in size every 5 years.

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Queensbury Life Church is part of the Apostolic Church, a worldwide movement borne out of the Welsh Revival.

You can find out more information on the Apostolic Church UK website.

The Apostolic Church have set out eleven main beliefs, also known as tenets.

[ul type=”circle”][li]The Unity of the Godhead, and Trinity of the Persons therein.[/li][li]The utter depravity of human nature, the necessity for repentance and regeneration and the eternal doom of the finally impenitent.[/li][li]The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension, and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ; His second coming, and millennial reign upon earth.[/li]
[li]Justification and Sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ.[/li]
[li]The Baptism of the Holy Ghost for believers, with signs following.[/li]
[li]The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost for the edification, exhortation and comfort of the Church, which is the body of Christ.[/li]
[li]The Sacraments of Baptism by immersion and of the Lord’s Supper.[/li]
[li]The Divine inspiration and authority of the Holy Scriptures.[/li][li]Church government by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders and deacons.[/li]
[li]The possibility of falling from grace.[/li]
[li]The obligatory nature of tithes and offerings.[/li][/ul]