We meet every Sunday at 10.30am, Victoria Hall, Queensbury – We’d love you to join us!

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We’re delighted you’ve found our website. Whether you’re new to the area and looking for a church or exploring what it means to follow Jesus and who He is, we’d love to meet you!

We gather every Sunday to worship God, learn together and enjoy community. Everybody is welcome, and here’s a little of what you can expect from one of our Sunday services.

Each service lasts approximately 90 minutes and consists of a mixture of worship including music, prayer, readings and reflections; announcements about upcoming events; and a talk from the Bible, which will be relevant and accessible to all. We also run activities for children aged 2 to 11 during our morning service.

Refreshments are available before and after the service and there will be members of our Welcome Team on hand to answer any questions you may have. There is the opportunity to socialise with people after the service and we often host events for you to get to know others, meet some of the leaders and find out more about Christianity and our church.

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[iconbox type=”12″ icon_title=”LOVE JESUS” iconbox_content=”We believe that God loves us and real life is only found in Jesus Christ. Our response is to love and worship Him by living out His plans and purposes for our lives.” icon_name=”li_heart”][distance type=”2″]
[iconbox type=”12″ icon_title=”LOVE HIS CHURCH” iconbox_content=”The church is not a building, rather it’s God’s people wherever they are and whenever they gather together. Jesus died for His church and it’s His intention that every member plays it’s vital part in His family. We love one another because God first loved us.” icon_name=”li_heart”][distance type=”2″]
[iconbox type=”12″ icon_title=”LOVE OUR COMMUNITY” iconbox_content=”God want’s everyone to know His love for themselves so he has sent us as His representatives to carry His love and life into all our daily relationships and situations. In particular, our prayer is that the people of Queensbury are blessed by our church and are drawn towards Jesus.” icon_name=”li_heart”][distance type=”2″]
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Displaying the latest 3 sermons. Click here for the full archive.

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